Gym with a "Return on Investment" 38 % per annum!

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This Business Has It All - What More Could You Want?

Owner works on average less than 20 hours per week and half that time is doing menial work that could easily be done an employee. Business is well established and been operating successfully for many years.

Current changes in the business are expected to see last year's profit (E.B.P.I.T.D.) increase from say $230,000 to an estimated $265,000 - $270,000 per annum in a business catering to the owners'focus on lifestyle and minimal involvement in day to day operations. For a hands-on owner wanting to grow this business, the sky could be the limit so to speak!

The real question might be:- what do you want? Do you want a business which demands little of your time and returns say $230,000 - $270,000 per annum or do you want a business that you want to work in and positively contribute to the real growth opportunity that exists within? Either is possible from Day 1.

Whatever your answer might be - know that you have now found that business and expect it to
change both your life and your future financial success beyond your dreams. There are any number of ordinary "run of the mill" gym operations out there - but for this to be so successful and to incorporate the opportunity to possibly open the financial flood gates for immediate growth it should, if nothing else, tell you not to expect anything but the extraordinary.

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