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JJ's Crafts is simply the most beautiful shop, with its array of stunning fabrics, patterns and wool you feel like you have been transported to a place where the outside world no longer exists. Crafter's can while away the hours here, lost in the beautiful colours of the surroundings, finding something different each time they come into this great emporium of crafting magic.
But time hasn't stood still here, though you would be forgiven for thinking you are back in your childhood and Mum has dragged you along. No, JJ's Crafts has kept up with the times and very successfully takes advantage of social media, which ensures the introduction of crafts to the younger generations. Customers from all over New Zealand and also international clients, speak for the fact that crafting is alive and well.
Classes are held in the shop and a new Husqvana dealership is yet another revenue stream. 30 years young - can you take it through the next 30?

Price $215,000 including estimated stock value $150,000.

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