Custom Products: Minimal Hours for Maximum Profits



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Custom Products: Minimal Hours for Maximum Profits

Every now and then a genuinely delightful and distinctive business comes to market which generates exceptional earnings for an owner called on to work only a few hours every week in a fun enterprise. This is one such opportunity.

Put simply, this business ticks all the boxes - long trading history, distinctive and creative product which customers enjoy purchasing, great brand, wonderful systems, local and offshore sales to a diverse customer base (including blue chips), substantial opportunity for further growth and diversification, and even strategic synergies for the right buyer. Best of all the owners work around ten hours per week because they choose to; and this business can be fully managed with existing staffing.

Compact and exceptionally well run, this business has been trading with success since the 1970's. Simple custom design process combined with third party manufacturing partners make for low business complexity, low fixed costs, and next to no stock. Every facet of this business has been considered with a view to making it responsive, easy, fast, and fun. The objective was to delight customers, and testimonials affirms this is the case. Naturally this business can also demonstrate that it 'does business the right way'.

This beautiful business has been very deliberately structured and tuned by the owners to satisfy their lifestyle choice. If you like the idea of the potential for making great money from a great business with a creative edge, call me now.

Appraised Value $1,050,000.

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