Horticultural Mower Manufacturing Business



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Premium quality commercial/industrial mowers, built right here in New Zealand to provide superior performance and endurance. Glaber Limited produces a seriously good and innovative product.

Feedback from purchasers - Many comment "it's simple", "strong", "easy to grease", well thought out".

What this business needs is for this great product to be marketed. It is really that simple. You don't need to be a marketing guru, just pick up the phone, put one of the mowers on a trailer and go and show it to the orchardists, the schools, the golf courses - the list goes on.

The manufacture of the mowers can stay where it is in Hastings at Precision Metalworks if you like, with the vendor offering free rent for the first year, or can it be re-located.

Included in the sale is the design, trademarks, all jigs and tooling (including moulds for the plastic belt covers), stock of components, as well as demo models of the 3 main sizes.

Price $120,000 including estimated stock value $59,000.

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