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Adventure Outfitters is a dynamic uniform supplier based in Dunedin.

Key client sectors include workplaces, schools and tourism businesses.

Adventure Outfitters has a reputation for delivering the best solution: Stylish, Quality, and long term Value. Key to this is service is customer relationships and the businesses versatility -combining in-house and externally sourced garments for the best client fit.

2017 has been a great year for the business: Over the last 18 months they have honed in the business vitals, focussed on more profitable lines, added customers and reduced expenses. And there is more to come.

The business is for sale either as a whole or as individual client bases/ business functions. It should appeal to a wide range of purchasers including existing businesses involved in similar or complimentary activities.

The business has a solid , profitable base to build on with Vendors price expectations set to sell -representing real value to the purchaser. Talk to your broker more about this.

If there was only one key skill a new business owner could bring to this business it would be sales and relationship management. When you get to know other aspects of the business (as every new owner should) none will be daunting and none will be as vital and sales.

The business systems and value proposition are excellent, as is its customer track record. On the back of this sales will take the business to another level.

Find out more. A full write up and business details will impress and convince you how great an opportunity this is.

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